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Beach Villa in Tangalle

Wonderful Bungalows, Vintage Furniture, Luxuriant Garden

A reputed villa in Tangalle decorated with traditional materials with a tropical garden located in front of the Indian Ocean. Guests call the villa as a family house, a small museum, a paradise, a nature resort and sometimes they feel like their home after touring for long days in Sri Lanka. The villa has three bungalows and its own restaurant offer foods. Suitable for people who love the beach, but wants absolute relaxing and seeks a calm & peaceful place in Tangalle. Families with kids, groups, couples and even solo travellers are welcome. The founder & previous owner was a German architect. He was a nature lover and kept nature at the top. Guests can see a collection of expansive things such as paintings, antiques, traditional tools. Living some days there, guests can experience the difference.

Explore Villa Araliya


The white & wooden main gate is in front of the beach. The signboard has bold & blue coloured letters and a painting of some Frangipani flowers. Guests can see the main house and two bungalows at the entrance. But still, the living area is covered by trees and bushes, that makes privacy.

Main House

The house provides a fast WiFi connection. The small library of one bookshelf invites to study information about Sri Lanka, but there are some foreign books too.  Old Ceylonese easy chairs, ocean wind and the atmosphere arrange an afternoon nap in the veranda. Antique cabinets, tables, chests, decorative things and expansive paintings take minds back to colonial age.


Three individual beach houses, but introduced as beach bungalows. The architecture looks like the early 50s. Each one has a bed, a private bathroom with hot water and a spacious veranda, but two bungalows have an extra single bed. Large beds ensure comfort with luxury mattresses and well-designed mosquito nets. Guests can relax, read and enjoy in the expansive verandas. Bungalows furnished with antique furniture. The floors are very comfortable for feet because of the marble floor.


Tangalle beach is an edge for the Indian Ocean. The front line crescent shaped. Guests can walk for kilometres on the beach. Mornings and evenings are better to walk and run along there. The bathing spot is very safe in front of the villa, but it is okay for kids too. The soft and golden sand is perfect for kids to enjoy by doing some funny stuff. There can view a better perspective of the sky. People can explore the night sky very clearly by sitting or standing on the beach.


The restaurant has enough space and tables only for three groups. Wooden chairs and round tables add extra value. The best thing is guests are lucky to have their meals when looking at the beach. If eyes go further there may be a ship or a fishing boat. 


Think a mature tropical garden in front of the beach. The garden proves still human loves nature. There are many trees with white Frangipani flowers. Most of the year, the flowers and leaves cover the ground, but there can see other kinds of flowers in Sri Lanka like Bougainvillea, Hibiscus. Guests can walk in the garden and explore trees, bushes, plants, flowers etc. There can see some beautiful birds, butterflies, squirrels, monkeys etc. There is a huge banyan tree in the backside of the garden, but it is old for hundreds of years. It is a famous tree in Sri Lankan tradition called “Nuga” in Sinhalese.


Guests can have breakfast, lunch and dinner on their requests. They are rich in taste and healthy ingredients. Rice & curry very special among guests in Villa Araliya. Fruit juices, fruit salads and vegetable salads are a production of fresh fruits and vegetables in Sri Lanka. Fish, cuttlefish and prawn curries are fresh and mouthwatering. But they prepared with the best spices in Sri Lanka. Fresh curd made by cow milk is one of the favourite things for breakfast. Any guest can visit the kitchen then see how foods made. That should be very interesting for guests who like to cook.